Does it matter how much I think
about death?
Would you admit it if it did?

Here’s the thing: I’m kind of fascinated by non-existence.
It’s just there’s so much going on in here - I mean, this head.
The concept of silence is too enormous.

I guess I think about the state of death like
I think about the state of space:
infinite, terrifying, heart-stoppingly peaceful.

I mean I don’t want to die
but I sure would appreciate the quiet.

—— Elisabeth Hewer, The Great Space
❝ Whoever told you love was supposed to be perfect, anyway? Love’s not about perfection. It’s about grit under your fingernails and your hair getting caught in the corners of your mouth. It’s about his smile, and the way it loops up on one side more than the other and shows off the way his teeth crook a little on the left. It’s about a cold wind cutting through the insufficient padding of your layers and striping around the hot hyphen of his arm on your waist. Love is fire, wind, water. Love is a young orchestra sight-reading Mozart. Love is dischordant desperate screaming. Love is endless. Love is chaos. ❞
❝ When they handed me
the instruments of my
was it by my doing
or theirs
that I submitted
and believed in my
own inadequacies?
These bars are made of
their words but I forged
and set them
myself. ❞
❝ I used to be afraid of meeting with beasts
but I dreamt too many stories where
Ariadnes loved their bull-brothers and
princesses took their dragons to heart
and now there is a desperation in me
for teeth and claws and anger.
Leave me in the maze stringless and
dazed and let the monster chew me up
and spit me out bloodied and hardened.
I will learn vengeance and I will learn
rage and I will be eaten up until I am
tough enough to face a world that would
keep me soft and helpless.
Let me not just meet with monsters
but let me love them also. ❞
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❝ Which is sadder—the old grave, dilapidated and crumbling and forgotten? Or the new grave, fresh earth covered in bunches of flowers and the second date too recent to bear? ❞
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Here is the twenty-first century:
A slack-jawed generation shuffling dim-witted
from fast food joint to nightclub and back again
beholden to the technology they clutch in
grubby hands and determinedly ignorant
no matter how far they went with their education.
Newspaper headlines keeping us up-to-date
on the latest Gen Y transgressions from selfies
to not spending enough money to drinking
too much.

Here is the twenty-first century:
Young people bottoming out.
No jobs, no money, no positive outlook.
Told to bankrupt themselves to get an education
then told an education is not enough to secure
them a job. Told they are entitled for wanting more
than the scraped-up leftovers of those who have gone before.
Trying to keep up faced with a media system determined
to keep them down.

Here is the twenty-first century:
Anger and apathy.

But here it is also:
Simmering, burning hope. The determination
to do better, to build more and destroy less
and to learn to listen to each other.
To stare down the advertisements that tell us
that our looks are lacking and to take selfies
at all hours of the day because beauty is a
human condition and we will not let it
be taken away from us anymore.

I am beautiful and you are beautiful
and we are beautiful and we are here
and loud and angry. WE ARE HERE
and you know what? An entire generation
bottoming out, that’s a dangerous thing.
The only way they’ve got left to go
is up.

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❝ We are wolf and fire and shades of sunset.
I have watched the sky bleed out over your hands
and kissed your sorry cheeks and the downward slope
that rounds off your mouth and four hours from the end
you swung your legs out of bed and found your shirt—
when they ask me what became of the first person
I got bold enough to love I’ll draw them
rising crescent moons and empty cloudy beaches;
talk about distant galaxies and looming constellations.
An entire universe inside your eyes and I
was not equipped to be even its smallest star. ❞
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❝ i know you don’t believe in fate
but i’ve got to tell you
that shaking your hand that first time
felt like the end refrain
of some grand cosmic blueprint.
i’m not trying to say we were always leading up to this
(except i can’t shake the feeling that we were) ❞
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