❝ I am saltwater and undercurrents
and not nearly oceanic enough.
I break on these cliff-faces like waves
but I bend where the water would roar.
If I have a daughter I will tell her
to look past the role models presented
by society and take the sea into
her small round fists.
I will take her to the beach and show her
the depths and I will say, learn
to be unafraid like this. Be
what your mother could not.
Give support to the boats that will come
but have always the storm coiled
in your stomach. Show the endless
stretch of your carelessness to those
who are careless with you.
Seawater baby, sleep dreaming
of the Atlantic swell. Be the lapping waves
and the Great White Shark beneath them.
When you are hurt cry yourself
back into your skin. May the saltwater
always replenish your self-belief;
know that your landlocked mother
will always have arms to fit you into. ❞
—— my daughter the sea | elisabeth hewer
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don’t look for forever in me | e.h. | commissioned by queerhazeleyes

❝ There are combinations of words in the world that can make even monsters cry. People pick out sentences sometimes that raise bruises inside me. I have no scales or fangs or claws; I am soft and unprepared. I have not yet learnt to be hard enough to survive unscathed. I tell myself I am a dragon, that I will breathe fire instead of getting hurt. I’m not a dragon. I am a flower in a thunderstorm, heavy-headed and drowning. I am small and uncertain. I am not capable of being hurt by you and going on as before. ❞
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❝ I touch your skin, my fingers on fire—
teach me how to love without leaving burns
wherever I kiss. ❞
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Anonymous asked:
hello there! i am doing a quick class presentation on poetry and I wanted to ask if you're okay with me including 2 of your works within the presentation, just as pictures because I so adore your writing :) I plan to give total credit, of course, just wanted to make sure you were okay with that! also, sidenote, I really do love your writing so much. I could shower you in endless compliments :P you are amazing.

hi! oh my gosh, of course you may! i’m so flattered that you’d even want to! thank you very much :)

and thank you too for the compliments! gosh you are the nicest thank you thank you! 

i hope your presentation goes well! good luck, they always scare me <3

the first battle of newbury | e.h. | commissioned by scribbledinchalk

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❝ catch a train with no
set destination and do
not look back for me. ❞
—— haiku i | e.h.

Hello everyone - I just wanted to warn you all that I’ve had three payments through recently for commissions that haven’t been accompanied by a message making the request, so if you’ve sent me a message about a commission and I haven’t replied to tell you that I’m working on it or have posted it please consider sending it again! Tumblr sometimes fails to deliver messages and I’d just hate for you to not get what you’ve paid for. You can also email me at if you’d prefer, since I think that’s a surer way of making sure the request comes through. I’m currently up-to-date with all messages I’ve received, so if your commission has not been posted that means I never got the message and I’m really sorry.

Thank you so much to everybody who has commissioned me so far, I appreciate it more than I can say and I really do hope you are all getting what you hoped.

Anonymous asked:
hi i was wondering if we could use a verse from one of poems as a description on our blog? (with total credit of course!)

of course! thank you so much for wanting to :)

having passed through fire | e.h. | commissioned by loquaciousquark

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